"We were supposed to have a title?"

I'm Maggie and I like a lot of stuff by which I mean TV.
I'm from Texas and it's hot here.
I'm in college. Life is weird. yay

I write stories.
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sometimes even though my cat and I share a room he will pause outside the doorway and make eye contact with me to be sure he’s allowed to come in

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I’ve posted this before but this gives me strength when I have none

It is impossible to talk to you without wanting to kiss you.

That feeling is even worse when I see her name on your phone.

I just miss you, and it hurts all over again every day.

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Don’t you want me?

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I will not become a page in someone else’s history book.

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David Redon makes vintage popular culture look new by adding celebrities. The art director at Parisian agency Quai Des Orfèvres combines famous people like Kanye, Beyonce,  and Pharrell with Mid-Century advertisements in a series he calls Ads Libitum.

via Beautiful Decay

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